Meet our Biblical Health Coach

As a mother of two myself, I know that our family’s health is so important. As nurturers, we are very troubled when our children are sick. The best way to put our minds at ease, is to learn the health principles found in the Bible and discover how we can utilize them to improve and maintain our family’s health. I want to share with you what I have learned along the way and serve as inspiration, so you too can become closer to God by deepening your understanding of His plan for health and your purpose in life.

-Jennifer Smith, cBHC

Health Principles From The Bible

  1. We were created from the dust of the earth
  2. The cycles and seasons God created, affect our bodies.
  3. Nutrition, fasting and a season of eating a vegegarian diet can cleanse and heal us
  4. Our bodies were meant to work for 6 days and rest every 7th day.
  5. Our food is best directly from the ground, and as close to God's original design (natural/ whole foods/ organic)
  6. Do not eat the fat or the blood of animals
  7. Our meals should be sanctified in prayer by the word of God.
There certainly are many other health principles we can glean from reading His word.  We'll be diving into this deeper on our blog.

*Some of these principles are from Levitical law.  While I fully recognize that we are not under the Law, the Bible says tells us that 'all scripture is profitable'.  (2Timothy 3:16 KJV)

Services Designed With You In Mind

Group coaching is available now! And we have a number of other great services we are in the process of designing.

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What Does The Bible Say About Healthy Living?